About Us

Built On Dependability

Founded in 2004, AISI has led the way in providing a one-stop resource for customers to develop their products, processes, tools and equipment with the confidence that the equipment would be built to exact specifications. On a consistent growth curve, AISI has built on success and expanded capability as it grew in a moderate pace. Starting as most start-ups do in a small facility, a core group of dedicated employees saw the vision and rose above expectations.

Today, AISI is a premier manufacturer of thermoformed, machined metal and assembled components for the Automotive and Aerospace Industries.

Along with its partner company AESI, AISI services a variety of industries with our signature service & quality. With our campus in Springboro, Ohio and AESI satellite offices in Vietnam, AISI has developed the resources and know-how to meet customer’s demands in any given situation.

Expanding On Success

What started as a small manufacturing plant in Springboro Ohio, AISI has steadily grown into becoming one of the biggest tier 2 manufacturers in the Midwest. 

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AISI Headquarters

240 Advanced Drive, Springboro, Ohio 45066, United States

(937) 550-0065