Our goal is to maintain relationships with our customers by delivering exactly what you are looking for. Our commitment to this process has left us with undeniable high-quality repuation with our customers. 

Molded Trim Panels

LEXAN Polycarbonates


Adaptive and optimized for material efficient design. Available in a variety of colors, materials, and thickness. Highly flexible. 

KYDEX Thermoplastics


Ideal for technical applications requiring lightweight, high strength characteristics.

Interior Panels With Cover Stock


Utilizing lightweight and ridge sub straits combined with premium cover stocks thermoformed panels are a good solution to interior closeout.

ABS Plastics


Strong, durable, and cost efficient. ABS plastics have a naturally low melting point ideal for quick production of repetitive parts.


All AISI tools and fixtures are manufactured in house providing low cost and fast repair and changes for your parts


Automating our processes reduces waste and redundancies leading to faster productions and better prices for our customers


AISI is dedicated to communication and keeping you updated during each step of production as well as providing on-site technical support 


Vacuum Forming Advantages At AISI

Superior Quality Products 

Vacuum formed products are preferred by aerospace industries due to their lightweight, toughness and durability. 

Production Versatility

AISI vacuum machinery can form a wide variety of products with different shapes and materials. With fast tool change, our production lines are able to quickly switch between different projects to produce what you need when you need it.

A Reputation In Customer Satisfaction

At AISI our goal is to maintain relationships with our customers by delivering exactly what they are looking for and our commitment to this process has left us with a reputation for producing high quality products and undeniably high customer satisfaction. 

AISI Vacuum Material Capabilities:

  • LEXAN Polycarbonates 
  • KYDEX Thermoplastics
  • ABS Plastics
  • Additional Materials 

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